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My Body for You: A Pro-Life Message for a Post-Roe World

By Stephanie Gray Connors

At a time when the slogan “My body, my choice!” is shouted louder than ever, the words of sacrificial love desperately need to be heard.

My Body for You: A Pro-Life Message for a Post-Roe World by debater Stephanie Gray Connors inspires and equips readers to be bold in proclaiming the truth about life and our calling to give ourselves for others.

Diving specifically into common questions posed by abortion supporters, Connors urges all of us to reflect more deeply on who we are, what we are made for, and why living out Christ’s words—“This is my body, given for you”—is the only path to victory for life.

208 pages, paperback.


“What we need now more than ever is calm, intelligent voices urging us to see the lies and emptiness behind the claims that abortion is a woman’s right, her choice, and for her good. Stephanie Gray Connors is a uniquely wise and winsome voice, and her message is desperately needed. Give a copy of My Body for You: A Pro-Life Message for a Post-Roe World to every abortion supporter you know—or anyone who needs clarity and encouragement in their pro-life work.”

Lila Rose, Founder and president of Live Action


“In a society bloated with ‘fear-mongering misinformation’ about our bodies, Stephanie Gray Connors shines a light of gentle truth and transforming mercy. From personal experience, Stephanie knows how difficult pregnancy can be and yet how beautiful are the loving sacrifices of mothers and fathers. I strongly recommend this timely book.”

Bishop Emeritus Thomas J. Olmsted, Diocese of Phoenix


“Stephanie Gray Connors has debated (and toppled) leading pro-choice professors and was invited to Google’s headquarters where she delivered a viral talk on abortion. But she’s more than a world-class advocate and debater. As a woman and mother, she exudes compassion, warmth, and sensitivity. In My Body for You, Stephanie brings these many gifts to bear on the fascinating juxtaposition between the Eucharist and abortion, the sacrament of the Church and the sacrament of secularism, the two dominant paradigms on offer today. Using not only logic but also personal stories and touching anecdotes, she reflects on the meaning of our body to show how its ultimate purpose is to be a gift, not a death chamber. Read this book to understand the abortion question from the heart of a mother.”

Brandon Vogt, Founder of ClaritasU and author of How to Discuss Abortion with Pro-Choice Friends and Family


“This book is amazing! It’s beautiful. Stephanie Gray Connors has provided us with pro-life messaging that is outstanding and deeply needed in this post-Roe world.”

Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America


“In the wake of the pivotal reversal of Roe v. Wade, renowned pro-life apologist Stephanie Gray Connors presents My Body for You—a masterful work that rises above the legal and political fray over abortion. This book isn’t merely a call to action; it’s a deep, heartfelt challenge. Through riveting stories and insights from her years on the front lines, Stephanie reshapes the abortion debate, urging readers to recognize our inherent design for communion and love. My Body for You reignites the readers’ passion for protecting life and empowers them to courageously and convincingly share this message with our society. It’s no longer enough to merely change laws—we must also transform hearts, minds, and lives. We need this book now more than ever!”

David Bereit, Founder of 40 Days for Life and host of The David Bereit Show


“For my money, Stephanie Gray Connors is the greatest pro-life apologist in the English language. My Body for You: A Pro-Life Message for a Post-Roe World is classic Connors—watertight logic, lucid and engaging prose, and a message imbued with love. Read this book! It has the power to change ones’ paradigm in arguing for—and living out—the pro-life message.”

Fr. John Parks, Priest of the Diocese of Phoenix



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