Book – Embraced by Love


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A tender journey of the discovery, belonging and love of adoption.

The second keepsake book by Dolores Mize, with photos by Angela Talentino. Their first book is I Know I Am Loved (item #2229P).

Through inspiring photos and warming eloquence, this book speaks to the love that is the heart of the family. In the eyes of the adopted child we see the excitement that builds as the day of adoption grows closer. This keepsake book draws important parallels between adoption and birth, reinforcing that each child is a blessing no matter how they come into our lives. Parents who have opened their hearts in this manner will treasure forever the poetry and pictures that portray their love. All who read this book will see adoption in a new light. Perfect also as a gentle discussion starter for your Pregnancy Center coffee table. 

48 pgs, large quality paperback.

“We are embraced by love as we view the beautiful portraits of darling children and eager parents, and read the touching inscriptions of this heartwarming book. A perfect gift for adoptive parents to record the beginning joys of welcome for the child God has sent into their lives, and to perhaps tuck away for a graduation, wedding, even ordination gift years later. We close the cover grateful for birth parents who cherish their children so much to give them life, adoptive parents whose loving support will carry their child through this life, and the children…who can change our world for good.”    Paula Westwood, Executive Director – Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati


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