Laminated Poster – All Nestled in Under Moms Heart


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This high quality 18″ by 27″ poster looks great framed, laminated, or just ‘as is’. Beautiful illustrations accompany sensitive facts of prenatal development. Creates a positive and lasting impression on all who see it. Partial text of this poster is: 

WEEK 1 Moments after conception the blueprints are in place and numerous hereditary characteristics have been determined. These include the colour of eyes, hair and skin; the shape of the face and the body; the baby’s sex and certain qualities of the personality and intelligence.

WEEK 2 Implantation is now complete.

WEEK 3 The brain and spinal cord are starting to take shape.

WEEK 4 The heart begins to beat. The eyes are showing.

WEEK 5 The arms and legs are developing. Blood is now flowing through the baby’s veins.

WEEK 6 The lips, jaw and the facial muscles are beginning to form. Brain waves can be detected and recorded. The fingers and toes are developing.

WEEK 7 Spontaneous movement has begun. The eyes are well formed and the mouth can now open.

WEEK 8 The muscles can now be moved by the brain. All the major organs are working – the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, liver and intestine, although not fully developed.

WEEK 9 The fingers can bend. The vocal cords are developing.

WEEK 10 The body is sensitive to touch. The ears are almost fully developed.

WEEK 11 The baby squints, frowns, and swallows.

WEEK 12 The infant can kick, make a tight fist, and curl its toes.

WEEK 13 The mouth, nose, and external ears are completely developed.

MONTH 4 The baby can turn somersaults, yawn and stretch. The infant can hear the sound of your voice. The fingernails and toenails are growing.

MONTH 5 The infant is kicking and punching with well-formed arms and legs. The baby responds to outside sounds.

MONTH 6 The baby will develope a strong grip during this month. The sensory systems are developing. The lips are sensitive, and if the baby’s hand floats near its mouth, it may suck its thumb.

MONTH 7 The baby’s eyes are completely formed now and are starting to look around. If the baby was born now and give proper care she/he could survive.

MONTH 8 The baby continues to grow at a rapid rate. The legs are drawn in to the chest, because there is no room to straighten out.

MONTH 9 The baby will be getting chubbier this month and is preparing for birth.


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