Book – No One Told Me I Could Cry

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The original bestselling version of No One Told Me I Could Cryoffered a compassionate and caring message of hope for teens suffering after abortion. This revised version has been lovingly expanded so that it includes all women who have been wounded by abortion when they were very young, whether it happened yesterday, or 40 years ago

From the first page to last, Nykiel does an excellent job of conveying to young readers, both female and male, that they are not alone. She points out that the problems they face after abortion are common, not “weird.” Most importantly, she reassures her readers that even though it may seem that no one can understand what they are going through, there really are people who already understand and are anxious to help them.

Given its relatively short length and the author’s careful attention to keeping explanations simple, No One Told Me I Could Cry is amazingly complete. In a teen-friendly writing style that is neither condescending nor stuffy, Nykiel makes frequent use of metaphors and visual examples to describe all of the most common post-abortion reactions and to explain why bottling up feelings of grief and guilt can cause more problems.

Nykiel does an especially good job of (1) helping teens feel they have permission to grieve, (2) exposing the pitfalls that block the grief process, and (3) outlining the many issues that must be addressed in the process of post-abortion healing. She also includes a resource list in the back of the book to help teens seek out ministries that can help them find healing.

This book would make an excellent donation to high school libraries. And anyone who regularly works with teens should keep a couple of copies of No One Told Me I Could Cry on hand at all times. It may be just the right tool for injecting both understanding and hope into the life of a hard-to-reach teen.  The Post-Abortion Review

168 pgs, paperback. Revised and expanded, 2014

About the Author: Connie Corso Nykiel, R.N., B.S.H.A. has worked, written and lectured extensively about teen mothers and the lasting effects of teenage abortion.


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