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Our beautiful bookmarks are the perfect handout for school presentations, church youth groups, or anywhere you want to share positive messages with youth. All bookmarks are 6″ by 2″ . 

Text: New Comebacks for Old Come-Ons
Everybody’s doing it!
Really? Then you shouldn’t have any problem finding somebody else.
You are so special.
Too special to waste my virginity on you.
I love you.
Great. But love doesn’t equal sex.
Don’t worry, I’ll use protection.
You’re gonna need some protection if you don’t get off me.
You don’t know what you’re missing.
Just the fear, the guilt, the heartache, the diseases, the pregnancy…need I go on?
But I’m clean. I promise.
And I’m gonna stay clean because of MY promise to myself!!
You’ve done it before. Why quit?
Because I can. Because I’m worth it. Because you’re not..
Nothing bad’s gonna happen, trust me.
That’s right, because nothing’s gonna happen.
You’re still a virgin? What are you waiting for?
My wedding night. I don’t need to practice with you to get it right.

Written by Jana Spicka. For more information about Jana Spicka, please visit her website:


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