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STUCK: A Complete Guide to Answering Tough Questions About Abortion

by Justina Van Manen

We’ve all experienced it. That frustrating point in a conversation when a tough question comes up and we just don’t know how best to share our pro-life position. Or times when we want to defend the babies but are afraid to speak up at all.

Until now we could wade through several books, gleaning knowledge from each and pulling it all together.  STUCK distills the best knowledge from pro-life literature, refined by thousands of hours of front line personal conversation experience. The result not only provides the answers as to why we are pro-life, it shows how to effectively speak out on behalf of the pre-born with confidence and compassion.

Finally there is a comprehensive guide to pro-life apologetics. From the most simple arguments against abortion through to the most difficult philosophical foundations of the pro-choice view. The easy to navigate format helps readers find the information they need without delay.

STUCK may not be the first pro-life book you own, but it is likely to be the one you refer to the most!

2019, 230 pages.

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