Bookmark – What To Do On A Date – Pack of 100


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Our beautiful bookmarks are the perfect handout for school presentations, church youth groups, or anywhere you want to share positive messages with youth. All bookmarks are 6″ by 2″ . 

What to do on a date without “Doing it.”
Talk. Go for a walk. Share an ice cream cone. Rent an old movie. Go to a batting cage. Visit an art museum. Go to the mall play chess. Play cards. Drive to a park, the beach or the mountains. Talk about your career plans for the future. Visit your grand parents or other favorite relative. Talk about your best Christmas memories. Share your baby pictures. Go ice skating. Go roller skating. Go snow boarding. Go to a concert. Take pottery classes together. Go to the library and look up your all-time favorite books. Study pictures of your favorite dream places. Double date. Triple date. Play touch football. Rent your favorite cartoon. Make home made pizzas.. Eat snow cones. Talk. Hold hands. Laugh.

Written by Jana Spicka. For more information about Jana Spicka, please visit her website:


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