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Where is the Evangelical Church? A Plea to the Evangelical Church to Respond to the Plight of the Preborn

This little book is a clarion call to the Evangelical Church of Canada to respond to the plight of the preborn. Drawing upon Scripture, the testimony of contemporary evangelical leaders, and church tradition, the author sets forth a case that the mass shedding of innocent blood, such as is the case with the legalized practice of abortion in Canada, is an emergency that calls for extraordinary action by the Church. 61 pages, paperback.

Tim den Bok is the co-founder and co-director of a Voice for the Pre-Born, a Canadian evangelical pro-life organization. He has been studying the abortion controversy for approximately 30 years. Tim works as a support worker with the mentally and physically hadicapped. He and his wife, Sara, recently celebrated their silver anniversary. They have two children, Daniel and Leah. Tim is a member of the Nazarene Church of Canada. For more information about a Voice for the Pre-Born, visit: Tim can be contacted at:

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