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Unborn Jesus Our Hope takes the reader on a spiritual journey into the life of Christ hidden within the virginal womb of Mary. The nine months Jesus spent in utero are in many ways so unique that they reverberate throughout salvation history - and yet they also include the very same experiences shared by every baby. Mary's womb has become a holy temple in her Fiat to God's call to participate in His plan of redemption, and so one can truly say that the Church's first devotion is to Unborn Jesus. Enter into the mystery and beauty of our salvation, which began in the unborn Christ's life. All Christians will find comfort in reading this profound meditation.


"Unborn Jesus Our Hope, a spiritual reflection upon the first nine months of Jesus' human life, the time spent in the virginal womb of His Holy Mother, offers a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the many mysteries of the Word becoming flesh. The Patristic, Scriptural, Spiritual and Poetic texts referenced provide a rich abundance of material for study and meditation. This book promises to be a significant contribution to the further promotion of an authentic Culture of Life."
Most Reverend Bishop Robert F. Vasa
Diocese of Baker, Oregon

"This is a very creative and profound reflection on the first days, weeks and months of Jesus' earthly existence. Peate invites us to use our imaginative powers in a prayerful way to see Jesus in the womb of His Virgin Mother. We also meet those people who encountered Jesus while He was still in the womb: Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Zechariah, and John the Baptist. We see how they related to the Unborn Jesus and we learn from them how we ought to relate both to Jesus and to all unborn children...I am happy to recommend George Peate's book "Unborn Jesus Our Hope." It makes a beautiful Advent meditation. Because I was able to use this book to spend time with Jesus in His mother Mary's womb, this year's Christmas was unlike any other for me. I thank God for the depth of reflection and hard work that went into this book."
Father James M. Kubicki, S.J.
National Director, Apostleship of Prayer

"Unborn Jesus Our Hope is an inspiring reflection on the many and varied reasons why Christ, from the first moment of His existence, was as He is today: the answer to our agonies, our miseries and our longings to serve the most defenseless of our brothers and sisters."
Judie Brown
President, American Life League

"Whether you are a veteran or a neophyte in the pro-life arena, George Peate's book, "Unborn Jesus Our Hope," offers respite in our struggles. You will be transported to the hill country of Nazareth, and you can join Mary during her time of confinement. Meditate with this book in front of the Blessed Sacrament and take those moments to ponder the wonders of God, just as Mary did. Mr. Peate's book is also well footnoted to encourage you to read further into the mysteries of Our Loving Saviour's first nine months. This book gave me an opportunity to slow down and delight in the wonder of life anew."
Gerry Urrutia
Director, Shield of Roses

"I was stunned with joy at the beauty of Peate's account of the meaning for us of Unborn Jesus...Unborn Jesus Our Hope is a masterpiece. With its poetic style and theologically sound presentation, it provides a unique synthesis of contemplation and human experience. Studded with evocative quotations, the reader is invited to commune with the great perceptions of centuries of Church teachers."
Ronda Chervin
Professor of Philosophy
Author of numerous books about Christian living

"George Peate has provided us with a penetrating series of reflections over nine impressively researched chapters following the gestation of Mary's Child who, despite his apparent confinement, has much to teach our world that is waiting for a rebirth to a richer life...Read. Reflect. Reform. Renew. This book is both timely and timeless, as well as relevant and revelatory."
Dr. Donald DeMarco
Prof. Emeritus:
St. Jerome's University
Adjunct Prof.:
Holy Apostles College & Seminary,
Mater Ecclesiae

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