Book - How To Find Authentic Love

Book - How To Find Authentic Love

Book - Swallowed By A Snake

Book - Swallowed by A Snake

Book - Life Lessons from The Squire and the Scroll

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Picking up where the storybook, "The Squire and the Scroll," left off, this easy-to-use devotional covers biblical teachings on purity, integrity, and God's plan for relationships with your child in a nonthreatening and age-appropriate way. These life lessons are packed with wisdom from God's Word, truths that young men need to know as they navigate the paths that lead to an adult life of integrity and honor. You and your son can build a godly heritage with these short, practical, life-changing studies and activities that can be personalized for any age. An optional "Squires of the Lantern Ceremony" is also included as an exciting and memorable way to formally celebrate your son's growth. 65 pages, paperback.

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