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"Rarely has reverence for life been expressed with such clarity and dispassion. Rachel Weeping is noteworthy for its depth of research and careful scholarship. A throughtful and measured defence of the sancity of human life." Citation for the Christopher Award

Noted scholar and teacher James T. Burtchaell, C.S.C. delves into five separate aspects of the abortion issue in Rachel Weeping: first-hand accounts of abortions; an examination of the argumentation for abortion; a questioning of the common analogy of abortion to the Holocaust and wholesale experimentation; a study of the legitimization of abortion in the cases of Wade and Bolton; and the similarity of arguments for infanticide and abortion.

"... a searing, impeccable documentation - awesome in detail and scope, stunning in intelligence and stylistic grace." Lisa Mitchell, Los Angeles Times

"Several ... hours could hardly be better spent than in the reading of Rachel Weeping. Almost all of the questions you have ever asked, or have heard others ask, about abortion reform are addressed here with rare thoroughness and sensitivity." Richard Neuhaus, Forum Letter"Some of the essays are moving; all are thought provoking ...Burtchaell has produced a thoughtful, logical and impressive analysis of the flaws in abortion advocacy. No one could accuse him of relying on emotionalism or propaganda to make his case ... Rachel Weeping is a thinking person's argument against abortion." John G. Johnson, America
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